Dolcetto d’Asti doc

General description

Dolcetto, an old autochthonous grape variety which has 11 denominations of origin in Piedmont, occupies a prestigious collocation in a limited area south of Asti. The best characteristics of Dolcetto wine, tipically ready to drink due to its naturally low fixed acidity, are enhanced with storage in the cellar and only after a year of maturing it can be the “Superiore” mark.

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Organoleptic characteristics

The colour is ruby red with more or less accentuated violet hues, tending towards garnet as it evolves; the intense perfume of red fruit, often with obvious scents of cherry, accompanies a considerably rich and harmonious taste, with a characteristic almond finish.

Serving suggestion

Suitable for drinking throughout a meal, it is particularly suitable with salami and ham, hors d’oeuvres and pasta, rice or soup dishes, fresh cheeses or medium-mature firm textured cheeses.

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