Freisa d’Asti doc

General description

Freisa is an old Piedmont grape variety popular throughout the whole Monferrato Astigiano district, but the best conditions for cultivating this variety are in the northern part of the province of Asti. Freisa d’Asti doc can be made in a range of versions, with or without maturing in wooden barrels, and if the grapes are carefully selected and the wine is kept in the cellar for at least a year, it can bear the “Superiore” mark. In traditional farming circles it is also produced as a sweet wine used to accompany fruit-based desserts. 

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Organoleptic characteristics

The colour is ruby red tending towards garnet if “superiore”, the perfume features the delicate aroma of roses and raspberries, evolving into musky scents with age. It has a dry taste, with pleasant tannin which is completed and harmonised by ageing in oak barrels. »

Serving suggestion

It accompanies cured meats, soups, rice and pasta dishes, as well as soft and semi- firm textured cheeses.

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