Production zone

This particular wine is made from aromatic Moscato bianco grapes, a grape variety which is very popular in southern Piedmont, produced in Loazzolo, a small borough in the Asti Langa district. In the high hills, in small, steep and well-exposed plots of land, the Moscato grapes ripen successfully when tended with meticulous care, and are then left on the vines to wither gradually. This process creates an extremely limited quantity of highly coveted sweet wine, which, after two years in the cellar, can be labelled Loazzolo.

Production zone: Loazzolo (AT)

Grapes: 100% Moscato Bianco

Production yields: Max. 5 tons, corresponding to 27.5 hectoliters per hectare

Minimum aging required and release: 24 months from January 1st of the year after harvesting. At least six of these 24 months must be spent in wood (max 250 l)

Minimum alcohol content: 15.5% by vol., of which at least 11% actual alcohol

The color is bright golden yellow. It has an intense and complex aroma with scents of musk, vanilla and candied fruit. Sweet, warm and pleasantly enveloping in the mouth with a typical aromatic aftertaste.

Ideal with fine biscuits, dried fruit, blue cheeses, firm textured mature cheeses and paté de foie gras. It is also perfect by itself on any pleasant occasion.

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