Production zone

Malvasia di Schierano also known as Malvasia “with short bunches”, is an aromatic black grape, which is used to make a delightfully sweet, sparkling wine or spumante, Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco, is cultivated in a small area on the Asti hills facing the province of Turin. The wine is named after one of the six boroughs in the production area, Castelnuovo Don Bosco: birthplace of Saint John Bosco, which is now a spiritual center of the Salesian fathers and a destination of pilgrimages.

Production zone: the entire area covered by the municipalities of Albugnano, Castelnuovo don Bosco, Passerano Marmorito, Pino d’Asti, Berzano and Moncucco, situated within the province of Asti

Grapes: 85 to 100% Malvasia di Schierano (up to 15% Freisa)

Production yields: Max. 11 tons, corresponding to 77 hectoliters per hectare

Minimum total alcohol content: 10.5% by vol. (the actual alcohol content has to be in a range of 5.5 to 7% by vol.) – 11% by vol. for Spumante

Best appreciated with strawberries and fruit salads, fruit desserts, fine biscuits, ice cream and sorbets.

Cherry red color with a characteristic aroma reminiscent of dog roses and hints of red berries; sweet, semi-sparkling or spumante, its finish contributes harmonious aromatic notes and gentle tannins.

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