This wine gained DOC status in 2009 and DOCG status in 2020. The designation includes Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo and Terre Alfieri Arneis, two different variations based on the use of red or white grapes, both grown exclusively on hillsides with clayey, calcareous and sandy soils and their combinations. In sensory terms, Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo has a delicate bouquet and light tannins; it also exists as a Superiore or a Riserva. Terre Alfieri Arneis stands out for its distinctive finesse, and can be made as a Superiore style.

Production area: the entire territory of the municipalities of Antignano, Celle Enomondo, Cisterna d’Asti, Revigliasco, San Damiano d’Asti, San Martino Alfieri and Tigliole in the province of Asti, and part of the municipalities of Castellinaldo, Govone, Magliano Alfieri and Priocca in the province of Cuneo

Grape varieties:
Terre Alfieri Arneis: 85 to 100% Arneis; up to 15% other permitted non-aromatic white grapes
Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo: 85 to 100% Nebbiolo; up to 15% other permitted non-aromatic red grapes

Permitted grape yields:
Terre Alfieri Arneis: Max. 10 tons, or max. 70 hectoliters per hectare
Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo: Max. 8.5 tons, or max. 59 hectoliters per hectare

Minimum total alcohol content:
Terre Alfieri Arneis: 11.5% by vol.
Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo: 12.5% by vol.

The wine obtained from Arneis grapes is a white with a nice personality and significant finesse: It displays a recognizable nose with intense fruit notes and a rich body.

The wine made from Nebbiolo grapes is ruby to garnet red, in a range of different intensities; its bouquet encompasses delicate aromas of raspberry and wild strawberries and gentle floral and spice notes. Dry, full-bodied, with light tannins, it offers a lingering sensation to the palate.

Terre Alfieri Arneis DOCG pairs well with light starters, veal, fresh cheese and fish dishes.

Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo DOCG is perfect with meat, game and fowl, and medium to long aging cheese.

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