Albarossa is a cross of Barbera and Nebbiolo di Dronero, experimentally developed in 1938 by Professor Giovanni Dalmasso. Currently, despite its limited prevalence, it qualifies as one of the many expressions of viticulture in the Monferrato area.

Medium-sized, pentagonal or pentalobate leaves with U-shaped petiolar sinus. Arachnoid lower leaf page with bristly ribbing. Medium-sized and medium-tight, pyramidal, winged bunches. Small, elliptical berries with a bloom-covered skin.

Budbreak: Medium-early

Ripening: Medium-late

Medium-vigor varietal with semi-upright shoot development; it favors hillside settings with medium-textured soils and favorable exposures. It can produce excellent quality also in hot climates. Adapts well to espalier forms and prefers long Guyot pruning. Sensitive to late frosts.