In Piedmont, in the Roero and Langhe, between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo.

Adult leaves are medium to large, wedge-shaped or pentagonal, three- or five-lobed, with a bullate, slightly silky surface.

When ripe, the bunches appear to be medium to medium-small depending on the clone, cylindrical or pyramidal, with one or two short wings, short and tight; the pedicel is short and green.

The berries are medium-small, a short ellipsoid shape. The skin is very bloomy, a greenish-yellow color.

Budbreak: Medium-early (by mid-April)

Flowering: Medium (first twenty days of June)

Veraison: Medium (second ten days of August)

Ripening: Medium-early or medium (last ten days of September)

This varietal is very vigorous, with robust, upright shoots. Because of its high fertility and yields, it requires mixed pruning with one fruiting cane of 10-12 buds.

Its preferred training method is the espalier.

The vines are quite susceptible to powdery mildew, but not so much to downy mildew of the bunch. The berries are not often attacked by grey mold and rots.