Croatina is a red grape, mostly grown in the area of Novara and Vercelli as well as in certain townships in the province of Turin and Cuneo (Roero), near Asti (with a high concentration around San Damiano and Cisterna) and Alessandria (in particular in the Colli Tortonesi area).

Expanded and slightly hairy shoot apex with light green apical leaves. The leaves are medium-sized, pentagonal and trilobate with one side slightly cupped up. The bunch is large and long, semi-tight, cylindrical-pyramidal and winged. Generally, the berries are round, with a thick blue-green skin. The juicy flesh has a straightforward, acidulous taste.

Budbreak: Medium-late.

Ripening: Medium-late.

Medium-high vigor with semi-upright behavior; long non-lignified shoots, medium internode and spread-out canopy. It likes deep soils, including moist ones, especially if clay-rich, as it suffers during long rainless summers.