Malvasia di Schierano originated and is still widely cultivated on the Asti hills bordering with the province of Turin (Schierano, Castelnuovo don Bosco, Pino, etc.).

The mature leaf is medium-small, pentagonal, with five lobes. The light green blade is flat with slightly upturned edges, a finely puckered surface and ribs that are sometimes pinkish at the base.

Sometimes the outer edges of the leaf become bright red, and this can be due to the presence of small insects (leafhoppers). The ripe bunch is medium-small, loose, wedge-shaped with underdeveloped wings and a medium to long green pedicel with yellow and red nuances.

The purplish-blue berry is medium-large.

Budbreak: Medium-early (first ten days of April).

Ripening: Medium-early or medium (last ten days of September).

This is a normally vigorous grape variety with average yields. The best training system is the espalier, with mixed Guyot pruning, leaving just one fruiting cane, although traditionally in the growing area two are often left. Malvasia di Schierano is quite resistant to powdery mildew and bunch mold, but less tolerant of downy mildew.

Its grapes produce a sweet and aromatic wine, with good color and a fine and intense bouquet.