Dark blue-colored grape variety originally from Gironde, in southwest France, near Bordeaux. In blend with Cabernet, it yields some of the world’s most prestigious wines. It was first planted in Italy in 1880, initially in the North-East, and later expanded southwards.

It has a wide shoot apex, woolly and green-white in color. The leaves are medium-sized, pentagonal and five-lobed. The grape clusters are generally pyramidal and winged, tight to very tight, with a green-pink pedicel. The berries are round and a purplish-blue color. The skin is moderately thick and covered with bloom, while the juicy flesh is sweet and tastes grassy.

Budbreak: Medium.

Ripening: Medium.

A varietal of medium vigor, which adapts to different soils and climates, except for very hot and very dry settings if not supported by frequent irrigation. It takes different training methods and pruning techniques. Climate-wise, it is sensitive to winter cold. It is susceptible to downy mildew and acid rot.