Pinot Bianco is a grape variety of French origin whose progenitor is Pinot Nero. Piedmont was the first region in Italy to adopt it, but abandoned its cultivation very soon. Following its comeback in recent years, it is now very successfully grown in Monferrato and in the province of Cuneo.

Pinot Bianco vines have medium-sized three-lobed leaves, which develop into a slightly rounded shape.

Its medium-small bunch becomes cylindrical, tight and often winged as maturity approaches.

The berries are round, small or medium-small, with a thin, rather filmy skin.

Budbreak: Medium (first ten days of April).

Ripening: Medium (by late September).

Pinot Bianco is not particularly vigorous, but this is offset by constant and regular productivity. It takes long pruning.

Pinot Bianco is made into wines that display nice structure, light aromatics and well-balanced acidity. It is suitable to be made into sparkling wines.