This hard-to-come-by grape variety is mostly cultivated in the province of Asti, in the Castiglione Monferrato area and a few neighboring townships.

The adult leaf is medium-small, wedge-shaped and with three or five lobes. The light green blade is clearly folded into a very slightly bullate cup shape.

The ripe bunch is medium-large or large, cylindrical with well-developed wings, sometimes with long stalks.

The medium-small berry is blue-black with very bloomy skin and characterized by a slightly aromatic taste.

Budbreak: Medium (second ten days of April).

Ripening: Medium-early or medium (end of September).

This is a moderately vigorous grape variety with high fertility and abundant yields. Ruché prefers short pruning, but is usually trained on espaliers and takes Guyot pruning; it is tolerant of downy mildew.

Ruché is used to make a rather unusual, slightly aromatic wine, with relatively low acidity, good alcohol content and a balanced body with an original gustatory and olfactory impact.