Sauvignon, or Sauvignon Blanc, is a white varietal from the Bordeaux area. Its name comes from sauvage, which is French for wild. This is in reference to its origins as an indigenous plant in southwest France. It is now cultivated around the world. In Italy, it is mostly grown in the Venetian area and in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

It has medium-sized, pentagonal leaves with five lobes each. The clusters are medium to small in size, tapered or cylindrical, frequently winged and tight-packed. The berries are medium to large and have a round shape and a greenish-yellow color, with a relatively thick skin and sweet, aromatic flesh.

Budbreak: Medium-early.

Ripening: Medium.

A vigorous grape variety, which adapts well to generally dry and temperate climates and multiple training methods. Medium sensitivity to fungal diseases, in particular to botrytis and esca. More sensitive to insects that nest deep in the foliage; as a consequence, it is preferable to green-prune at specific times of the year. Very sensitive to low winter temperatures and late frosts.