Exported from its native France and now cultivated the world over, it is one of the so-called “international” varietals.

Its five-lobed leaf is medium to large. The bunch is medium-sized and elongated; occasionally winged, it can be tight to semi-loose. The berries are oval in shape and medium-sized, with a very bloomy skin and a sweet, sapid flesh.

Budbreak: Medium-late.

Ripening: Medium.

Characterized by a spread-out canopy with long, brittle canes, which are sensitive to spring winds, this varietal displays good vigor. It adapts successfully to warm, luminous and dry settings; water stresses, however, can affect it very negatively. It prefers moderately spread-out training forms and long pruning. It is sensitive to botrytis, especially when it reaches full maturity, and mites. It can stand winter temperatures and late frosts relatively well.