Viognier is originally from the Upper Rhone Valley in France. It has been recently rediscovered and planted also in other countries and regions across the globe, such as Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia and South America.

Its small to medium-sized leaves are orbicular and five-lobed. The bunches are medium to small, and have a tapered shape, straight or winged, occasionally tight. The berries are small and round or, less often, slightly oval, with a thick skin of an amber yellow color.

Budbreak: Early.

Ripening: Medium.

A very vigorous grape variety, it has robust upright shoots. Because of its high fertility and rather high fruit yields, it requires mixed pruning leaving only one fruiting cane with 10-12 buds.

Its preferred training method is the espalier.

This varietal is moderately sensitive to powdery mildew, yet not much to downy mildew of the fruit; the berries are not very prone to botrytis and rots in general.