ricercaIf you look at the research activities promoted by the Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and of the Monferrato wines in collaboration with the DISAFA (the Department of Agricultural Science, Forestry and Food) of the University of Turin, you can perfectly understand the attention paid by the Consortium to the qualitative growth of the Barbera and of the other Monferrato wines.

Particularly important is the Inteflavi project. This project was born to give a concrete answer to the problem of golden flavescenza, a pathology of the grape that had a great impact on the territory where the Consortium operates. Unlike the others studies made on the same problem, that were focused on the opposition to the phytoplasma or carrier, the Interflavi project aims to identify how the grape can cohabitate with the golden flavescenza.

Another important research, that recently ended with excellent results, is the one called WildWine. The aim of this project was to select the best autochthonous yeasts on the Barbera grapes, in order to produce a territorially characterized wine. At the end of a 4-years path, that ended with the selection of the most interesting samples from an organoleptic point of view, it’s now the time to start the commercialization on the territory of its indigenous yeasts. Finally, another important project for the characterization of the wines produced in the territory of the Barbera d’Asti DOCG is in its starting phase.