tondo_rosso_itaGiven its desire to offer the maximum security to the consumers of the Barbera d’Asti, the Consortium decided to commit in the make meticulous checks on the products it sells on whole European market. Through an agent several dozens of Barbera d’Asti samples were purchased from retail chains, wine shops and retail stores. These samples were then subjected to an accurate organoleptic and analytical control. The results of these analysis corresponded to those of the analysis carried out during the release of the suitability. These results confirmed the seriousness of our production chain.

We should also mention the authorizations granted in favors of the packaged products that use on their label the name of one of the protected designations; indeed there is a precise obligation to request a specific authorization to the Consortium in order to use this denominations. It is precisely because of the importance of such controls, that ensure the necessary transparency to the consumers in an increasingly global marketplace, that the Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and of the Monferrato wine aims to increase more and more their level.